Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sometimes, I Just Have To Paint The Picture

What sort of creative outlet(s) do I have other than writing?

Before I answer that, I want to say THANK YOU to all the veterans out there, and to their families. 

Now, for my "other" creative outlet(s)....

I, uhm, have a thing for painting interior rooms. I'm not an artist; I don't do murals (yea though I desperately wish I could). I just happen to like transformations. Often there's a de-cluttering prerequisite in the room I tackle, followed by an organizing/storage solutions follow-up. For me, the total revamps are the best of the analytical meets the creative. There's a tangible end result in roughly two weeks time (three if I futz with the floors too). The physical purging helps with my mental purging.

Redoing a room totally resets my brain, and a two week vacation from the WiP vastly improves my word-count once I return to writing.

Since there's a mention of bonus points for pics... well, here ya go:


  1. I think you should come visit me for two weeks - I have several rooms that could use the "KAK Creative Treatment" LOL! Good post!

  2. I could use your talents, too. All the rooms in this place could use new paint, but I'm too lazy. I probably should've painted before we moved in. Now the thought of moving the furniture makes me think 'aw, those walls aren't too bad'.

    1. I blame too much HGTV for my urges to revamp. :D

    2. OMG, HGTV is remodeling crack. And antiquing crack. Every time I watch I either want to remodel something or hit the thrift store.

    3. YES! And they make it look so easy too. Replaster a bath? No prob! Install new flooring? Easy peasy! You too can DIY your brand new kitchen...

      Or not.