Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Renaissance Woman

If y'all will pardon me for singing my own praises, then let it be known that I am a triple-threat of creativity and the trifecta of talent!  (Plus BONUS ROUND extras below!)

1.) I write novels. Y'all know that part. Blah blah blah.

2.) I write music.

A.) ROCK. If you pay attention here at all, you probably know that little ol' me also plays a mean guitar. 6 and/or 7 string electric guitar. My collect isn't huge, there are currently six. The first was the cherry red Peavy Razor. My dad bought it when I was 15. I'd taken piano lessons from age 8 to 14 and was ready for something new and cool. By 16 I was in a band. A METAL band

The summer between my junior and senior years, I was 17, and I was the lead guitarist for an almost-all girl rock/metal band. We were the house band, played every Thursday night, had dibs on opening for touring acts and were supposed to fill in if someone had to cancel, but that never happened. It was THE spot to play around here.

We played AC/DC to Metallica, Iron Maiden to Ozzy, Sweet to Sabbath, GNR, Ratt, Crue, Poison, and the standard chick songs...Lita, Benatar, Jett, Runaways.

B.) SCORES. I have a keyboard with multi-track recording built in. I once scored a book I was writing. (It is yet unpublished.)
I've been playing in another band locally, but we haven't gotten together in a few months due to various other band member things going on. But I still love to play.

3.) I can draw and paint.

I went to college initially for Visual Communications...a fancy way of saying Graphic Artist. But more than typography and layout, I can sketch, and I loves to do me some doodles. And photo-shop...oh, yeah, the POWER!!!!

<--- On the left is a gargoyle atop a church steeple, a study of foreshortening from the wingtip. That is the original image.

Below is the photoshopped one... What do yu think???

I also paint. Here is my boys room long ago...with the stones painted... and shaded. EACH and EVERY one. Then...
Then...I planned pillars, distant mountains, and sky....
And when it was done...SIX WEEKS LATER...
AND in the bonus round, I claim even more creative pursuits....
4.) I also enjoy cooking and baking.
Yes, I kick ass in the Domestic Goddess round, too. I can cook, anything. I am descended from fine hillbilly folk and I can make you biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast lunch or dinner. My soups and chilis are among the best, and I slay the casserole or crock-pot competition. Want a five pound Death by Chocolate cake? Done. Oh yes...anything chocolate...I got your number, and the recipe to bring it home.  
**NOTE. In my mind, I want to be Tomb Raider, out having adventures and kicking ass...but the truth is I'm more of a Betty Crocker. So I write the adventures and such. 
5.) And I frigging sew.
COSTUME ONE: Assassin  I sewed various pieces here. I did not sew the main vest, nor the hood though I did make the pattern for the hood out of newspaper. I made measurements from the EZIO TOY my son had, and then increased it exponentially and drew the pattern on newspaper from the measurements, cut it out and my friend Deb sewed it.

COSTUME TWO: Elder Scrolls (some armor....??) I sewed all of this except the pants which we bought. I spent 60+ hours on this. The kid wore it for 3 hours. **The things moms do because we love our kids.**


  1. Dude, you rock! All those things to be talented at and you nail them. And hey, with that art, if you ever get bored, you can do book covers - you know, in your spare time. ;o)

  2. I so envy your drawing/painting skills! And your sewing...Yeesh, I can't even manage a button on a shirt without stitching the shirt to my pant leg.