Monday, November 10, 2014

Creative conduits.

This will be short, because I'm doing that catch up thing.

Honestly, Iw ahi could say I still have more hobbies. Once upon a time I drew and painted, poorly. Once upon a time I did sculpture (and rarely I still do) also poorly. Mostly these days I read and write.

And now and then a convention, like World Fantasy.

Instead of offering dollops of wisdom (Yeah, like that would ever happen) I leave you with these pictures. me in my tux, with Christopher Golden and Ginjer Buchanen.
Chris, for the record and in case you do not know, is an amazing writer and the man behind the scenes on the new INDIGO project I mentioned previously. Ginjer was the head of well, pretty much everything related to fantasy, at Berkley books for a long while. She has recently retired. Two of the finest people I know an d I loved seeing them and my fellow Word-Whores.

Cheers, folks! More soon!


  1. Very dapper. You may not make it to many cons, but when you go you show up in style.