Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Sound of Silence.

by Allison Pang

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've always had to be pretty flexible in getting in my writing time - all those real world things going on means I have steal my word count whenever and wherever I can. The laptop goes everywhere with me as a result - and if not that, then at least a notebook.  That means I've tried writing in cars, doctor offices, airports, cruise ships, hotels, the bathroom, coffee shops, the park, conferences, wherever. As long as I've got a set of headphones in, I'm golden. (And incidentally, if you're one of those sorts of writers who like white noise to write to - check out SounDrown or Coffitivity- all the joy of being in a coffee shop without the actual people.)

Also? I have been known to troll lookie-loo's in public places. There have been times when I've had someone clearly looking over my shoulder at what I'm writing. I find the best way to kill that is to write that person into whatever I'm writing  at the moment. Get a quick feel for what they look like/ are wearing and the poof - now they're having sex with a goat.

People rarely stick around after that.

To be honest, I actually enjoy trying to write in places other than my home office. Maybe it's the change of pace or just being somewhere new.

Or maybe it's because the kids aren't around.

Without the random variable of this particular derailer, everything else is gravy. In fact, I actually look forward to writing on trains or planes because OMFG, I am ALONE.

It probably sounds pretty callous to admit it, but there it is:
The worst place to write is anywhere my kids happen to be.

(Which is why I usually put it off until they're in bed/out of the house.) And it's not that I don't love them, duh. But with the ages they're at, there's just a lot of general neediness - whether it's snuggletime or making lunch, even if I've got a few minutes of breathing room to work, I am nearly always on edge, just waiting for the next interruption. Which will undoubtedly come after the first ten words of a new paragraph - which in turn makes me more frustrated - which pulls me out of the zone further, etc. It becomes a neverending cycle.

So my only solution is to NOT write if I'm alone with them - this way I can give them all my attention AND keep my sanity. Win/win for all. :)

On an aside note, we are still taking random words for next week's flash fiction posts  (which will be my last word whore post for at least a month, so make them good ones, eh?) :D


  1. I'm the same way with writing while kids are around/awake. Can't do it. Mine are all young.

    Three words: cape, river, gecko

  2. Every time I see that clip it makes me laugh-cry. Hits too close to home most days. :)
    I am with you on the writing anywhere my kids aren't. Maybe when you are bed ridden you will get some golden opportunities!


  3. No kids. Probably because if I DID have kids, they'd be stuck with my long-standing philosophy on babysitting: Velcro walls and little, baby Valiums.