Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Worst spot to write...

It's 9-11.

{Insert a moment of silence here.}

Where was the worst place I've ever had to write? A hotel room.

Generally a cozy little spot, right?

But it isn't home. It isn't my bed I'm snuggled in. It isn't my kids running in the hall. It isn't my tv that's too loud in the next room. And all those things that aren't mine, create questions.

Why are they doing that? 

Distractions, distractions. Maybe I have a deficient attention span. When I'm in my home, in my writing space, I can get into the zone pretty easy. It's not like work at all. I can write in my room, in my office, on the patio. I can write in my car. (If I'm waiting on a kid or something, not while driving, I swear.) When I'm not in my space, its really work to get any writing done.

Wrap it up!

If I am understanding the pitch for next week, I'm to ask you, dear readers, to give me three words from which I must create a flash fiction story. So go on. Leave me a comment. Do your thing. I'm anxious to see what you give me to work with...heh heh heh...

Have a great week.


  1. I've never tried to write in a hotel room. Can't sleep in the darn things, though, so I imagine writing wouldn't work either. Like you, I'm always wondering 'why are they doing that?' Any thump, thud, creak, clatter... At home, I'm used to the noises and can ignore them. Out there, I'm screwed.

  2. If the hotel room has a nice desk/table, I have no problem writing there. In fact, I find less distractions than at home. Now, if it only has a bed, well, I have trouble READING in bed, can't imagine trying to write in one.

    I've already given three words. You don't need more, do you? If so, how about: nuts, bats, passion.

  3. I have spent work trips happily reading away in my hotel room. Pure bliss compared to the usual comotion at my home. Never tried to write though...

    3 words...told you you asked for it :)