Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why Twitter Is the Perfect Way to Procrastinate

I'm at my 25th college reunion this weekend and took this pic of our iconic administration building.

This week's topic is: Procrastination Station: Your Guilty Pleasures... Now, typically, I'm not much for feeling guilt about anything, but procrastinating when I should be writing is angst-inducing, indeed. Fortunately, I rarely do this - probably because I can't afford the time - but when I do, there's one place I go. Let me present to you the one-stop-shopping solution for ALL of your procrastination needs!


What did we do before Twitter? (And, yeah, those of you who've never looked at it or looked and ran away screaming, you may be excused from this post. Go find some other way to procrastinate.)

The grand and deadly thing about Twitter is, it's always new. It constantly changes. If you follow enough interesting people, and I do, you can watch the conversations all day long. You don't even have to say anything. Sometimes I'll end up following conversation threads back for days. If I do get involved in conversations, the back and forth can go on for a long time. Clicking on article links alone can take me down a rabbit hole worth hours of time...

If I let it.

Which takes us back to the top. I don't spend much time at Procrastination Station. I have a little trick up my sleeve called Freedom and Twitter is the primary reason I need it. Sometimes I have to set the Freedom timer before I've closed Twitter, just to make myself stop.

But I know all my friends will be there when I get back, being all interesting...


  1. Good one! I like the idea of the Freedom Timer., might try it (although you're SO much more organized than I am LOL).

  2. Ahh, Twitter! I read so many conversations that I too often forget to participate ... until I click on the "Me" tab and realize I haven't tweeted anything in days.

    Wait, does that make me sound like a creepy stalker? Erm... ~cough~

    1. Heh - I do that, too. I wonder why no one has said anything to me lately and I realize I've just been in the corner, LURKING.

  3. The timer...I use it too. It's like having a stern old school teacher standing behind you. The steady slap slap of her pointer stick on her open palm urging you to jump from site to site, reading faster before the final thwack!