Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter in Dixie

Winter sports. Well, truthfully in the South, there aren't many sports we can do only in winter. Take today for instance. IT'S 64 FRAKKIN DEGREES OUTSIDE!
Yep, January, when most of everybody else is enjoying cold temperatures and snow, we have 64 degrees. Now there is a saying we use here in Georgia. Don't like the weather? Give it five minutes, it'll change. We did have temperatures in the teens overnight just a little over a week ago.
But today? Today you can wear shorts.
So we don't have "winter sports" here. No ice skating (other than indoor rings) and no skiing.
But this is fine with me. I am not a sports guy. I don't watch football or baseball. They just don't hold my interest. You can talk me into watching MMA matches and even professional wrestling (I know, not a sport, but I grew up watching it with my Dad) but nothing like hockey, soccer, or ugh, God forbid, golf. (Although Happy Gilmore is a great movie.)
But I do love a good football movie. Hell, I sometime love a bad football movie.
I guess this post is a bit of a ramble, and for that, Dear Reader I apologize. To make it up I leave you with this great scene from one of my favorite football movies, VARSITY BLUES.


  1. Great movie. Especially the last like twenty minutes. Give me a good football movie speech any day. =o)

  2. I have not seen this movie. I used to watch football more when I still lived in Canada. We went to a game in Edmonton once when it was something like 20 below. My brother got frostbite. We cheered a lot - any excuse to stand up and jump around.