Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love, and Other Indoor Sports

by Jeffe Kennedy

I grew up in Colorado so, yeah, I know about the winter sports. Even though I was never much of an athletic girl, I skied and ice-skated. I made snow-forts and snow-tunnels. In high school, I was even a member of the cross-country ski club, which is far less competitive than it sounds.

I still have my own set of cross-country skis. In our early years of dating, I taught David how to cross-country ski and we went most every weekend.

I think that's part of living in a heavy winter-weather climate. You either embrace winter sports or you spend the winter going slowly crazy indoors.

Now that I live in Santa Fe? Not so much.

Oh we get snow, as you see above. Then, in a day or two, it all melts away. But there's the ski area above town. And Taos and Angelfire. We could totally go skiing if we wanted to . Do we?

Oh no, no, no.

I remember back in Girl Scout camp, a girl I met signed everything "Love, and Other Indoor Sports." I didn't quite get it and she informed me that it was dirty. This was around the same time that another girl told me the song "Afternoon Delight" was dirty. I didn't understand why. She said "rubbing sticks and stones? making sparks? rubbing YOU?" I was still confused. Not that I didn't know all about sex at that point - but the metaphor totally escaped me.

"Love, and other indoor sports," has likewise stuck with me. Now I get the implication, that the love is making love, and it can be as athletic as you like, etc. But I've found I've discovered the joy of indoor sports. I love to cozy in and write and read while the snow flies. I'll save my enjoyment of the outdoors for gentler weather.


(and other indoor sports)



  1. Indoor sports are far superior to outdoor sports in the winter. Less chance of frostbite!

    I dunno. I never learned to ski. I was in college before I ice skated. But sledding...yeah, that I can get into.