Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Fun -- In A Mug!

by KAK  

I love winter ... as long as I don't have to go out in it. Watching the snow fall as I sit beside a crackling fire with the bairy heast snuggled beside me and a balloon of Yulitide Brandy catching the glow of flames? Perfection.

Taking said bairy heast out into the blizzard and sinking up to my girly-bits in the snow? Erf.  Watching same bairy heast frolic in the snowmageddon? It'll make me smirk and laugh ... and be utterly grateful I'm not a musher.

Cribbage Tourneies? Quiddler Bouts? Clue Parties? Name the board or card game and I'm in ... inside. I'm all about the inside and the warm and dry. Inside is closer to the bar. When else do you have Hot Toddies? Mulled Wine? Hot Buttered Rum? Hot Hairy Cider? Irish Coffee? I could go on...

But I'd rather you did, dear reader. What is your favorite cold weather libation?


  1. I'm detecting a theme here. Whose topic was this, anyway??

  2. I'm particularly fond of hot buttered rum. Is that a sport? Because I'd like to find a way to think of it in healthier terms if possible.

  3. Now there's a winter sport I could get behind. Bring on the cocoa with a splash of Bailey's (or Kahlua, I'm not picky.)