Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jeffe's Goals for 2016 (eep!)

I haven't had the heart to clean up the Christmas wrapping dregs, because both cats are having such a wonderful time with them. The modern version of St. Francis cutting off his sleeve rather than disturbing the cat.

Only I'm no saint!

Also - the black cat in the box, white cat out of the box thing amused me no end. Surely there's a metaphor there somewhere.

For those wondering? I feed them both.

So, this week at the Bordello, we're talking about our goals for 2016. The particular rub here is that we'll revisit our posts in the last week of the year and see how we did. Public accountability! Potential humiliation! What's not to love?

Though this was totally my idea - *waves to fellow Word Whores* - I confess this public committing to THINGS has me nervous. Normally I'm a fan of only setting my sights on stuff within my control, but this is a year of taking Leaps of Faith for me. So, here goes:

1) in 2015 I made twice as much from writing as in 2014, but in 2014 I made five times as much as  in 2013. Since I'm no longer working the day job, I *really* need to make a living wage from writing this year, so I really want that every-other-year thing to kick in. Five times what I made in 2015 would be awesome. Putting it out there.

2) My agent has a book out on submission for a new epic fantasy series. It's a rework of the second novel I ever wrote and I love so much about it. In 2016, I want to either see it published or firmly in the publishing pipeline.

3) We're also going out on submission with a new contemporary romance, the first in a trilogy. That one is getting published in 2016, one way or another.

4) I have a third series that's been parked for over a year. The first one is going out in 2016 or it's in an amazing confirmed pipeline. Enough already.

5) I'm making this last one vagueish. I have numerous plans. Hopeful plans to help secure the future for me and my hubs. This is the blogging equivalent of throwing my prognostication penny in the well of good fortune. I totally promise that, at the end of the year, I'll report back on what worked. But I'm too superstitious to unveil them beforehand.


*deep cleansing breaths*

Anyone else want to set out some goals? If you do, I'll invite you to guest on my post at the end of the year to report!

Have an amazingly wonderful 2016 everyone!


  1. I am setting a few health goals. I have hit an age and my metabolism died so I need to actually do something about it. I am also setting a few goals that involve my social life, well, my lack of social life. Finally, I setting home improvement goals. These should be the easiest to complete. I am convinced someone cursed me to live in interesting times and I hope this year the curse wears off. Good luck with all of your goals!

    1. Thank you and good luck with yours! I have home improvement THINGS I need to get after too. I should make a list and prioritize those... Social life! Where do you get one of those?

      Getting a treadmill desk was the best thing I ever did. I logged 1,235 miles in 2015. Going for 1,500 in 2016!

  2. Scary to have so many of your goals out of your control. You can't make a publisher pick up a series. On the other hand, you're awesome, so they should jump at the chance. Good luck with everything!

    My goals are reasonably straightforward:
    * finish the SF trilogy I'm in the middle of and get the second and third books up for sale
    * write the next cozy mystery in my River Corners series and get it up for sale
    * start a new series

    1. Well, the only one really out of my control is the amount of money - and even that I can influence by implementing various projects. If publishers don't pick up those series this year, I'll self-publish them.

      Your goals sound very doable - good luck on them!

  3. Good luck with your goals Jeffe!

    Mine are to publish a new paranormal mystery in fall. Complete and publish at least one (hopefully two) more books in 2016. Attempt a cozy mystery without paranormal (big challenge).

    1. Thanks, Janni! and lol - this would be like me trying to write a book without sex in it :D