Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Villains???

I gave it my best effort last week as far as discussing villains AKA antagonists (I really must learn to look a week ahead and see what topic is coming next). Not only that, but this week my fellow Whores have featured many of the things I might have fallen back on for this installment, such as volcanoes (LOVE "Dante's Peak" and "Last Days of Pompeii").Anyone else remember "The Coast Is Toast" tagline for the movie "Volcano"? We actually saw some of that being filmed in downtown LA one night...

And if Jeffe of all people said last Sunday and I quote: "Sometimes I feel like a fraud, writing these craft posts," imagine how I feel, being genuinely all superstitious and stuff about my Muse and how she works!!! I'm the wrong person to be sitting here attempting to dissect the entrails of Craft. At least not the same flavor of craft two weeks in a row LOL.

So I'm outsourcing my post today, going rogue and NOT discussing Antagonists Who Are Not Villains.

Instead I'm giving you a pretty darn good youtube video on the Top 10 Disney Villains, jampacked with interesting trivia. It's a bit dated (made in 2012) when it comes to Maleficent but otherwise good. No movie clips though. I enjoyed it, although the narrator's voice can get a bit wearying IMHO.

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