Friday, February 20, 2015

Antagonist Dodge

Antagonist: That which challenges you, inciting or inspiring change. Or, if you're not ready to meet the rigors of your journey (hero's or heroine's) blocks you from achieving that thing you want. For me, this week, the antagonist is microscopic and only barely alive. A virus. Fever, cough, and the feeling that someone is sitting on my chest. At the moment, I don't much care whether I live or die. This probably means that today, the antagonist has one. That won't last. I shall return. And in the meantime, have a silly, cute, kitty video. Because you know. Cats make the internet go round.


  1. Very cute cat video and I hope you feel better soon! Sending good thoughts!

    1. Thank you. I clearly was out of it. (Really? 'one' rather than 'won'? Wow.) Hatshepsut appreciates your kind words on her behalf, too. :)