Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fiveish Books Still On My Mind

Being the Saturday poster, I can bend the guidelines a tad, right? Because I may have more than five book titles to sprinkle like snowflakes into this post...

These are in no particular order...(I feel like a game show host, issuing caveats.)

Heart of Obsidian and Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh, in her Psy-Changeling series. I've been rereading the entire series this month, from the first book to the most recent, which is Shield. It's been an amazing course in writing a series, putting in multiple small details and events along the way which don't pay off until many volumes later, but then are immensely satisfying to the reader - I'm always in awe of her. I think Heart was the most gut wrenchingly emotional read for me, but I keep going back to Shield because I love the main characters so much. (But Judd Lauren from Caressed by Ice is still my all time favorite in the series.)

So you can see how I might end up with more than five books named in this column, right? Sorry! (Not sorry.)

The Twelve Kingdoms - The Tears of the Rose by my fellow Word Whore Jeffe Kennedy. (The pretty cover is in the sidebar to the right.) She took  Princess Amelia, the main character, on an amazing arc from where she was at the start of the novel, until the person she's become at the end. Just wow. And it's the middle book in a series, which presents its own challenges to do well, but Tears advances the entire story and was extremely satisfying in its own right. Love the worldbuilding here.

Rachel Bach's The Paradox Series has become one of my all time favorite science fiction adventure series.  Honor's Knight and Heaven's Queen, the second and the third novels in this three book series, were issued in 2014 and oh yes, I devoured them.
Featuring mercenary Devi Morris,  THE most kickass heroine after Ripley of "Aliens" fame,  the series has mystery, romance, a very subtle nod to an Egyptian goddess - a complete package of goodness.

The fourth book on my list is something completely different. Still Alice by Lisa Genova is the heartbreaking story of a woman who has it all...including, sadly, early onset Alzheimer's. It came out in 2009 but I just read it recently and if you've ever forgotten where your keys were, this book will impact you. Years ago I had a dear friend at work who developed early onset Alzheimer's and the two or three years he struggled to remain at work, to stay himself, were just heart rending as the disease progressed. We both used to come in early, he usually arriving half an hour before me. One day I got there at 5:30AM to find him sitting in his car, which was still running. Worried, I knocked on the car window and he said he'd been waiting for me because he literally couldn't remember how to turn the car off and didn't know what else to do but wait. This novel by Ms. Genova is full of such true-to-life incidents as experienced by her character....

And to finish on a happier note, every year at this time one of my favorite books is The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett. Filled with her astoundingly detailed illustrations, the book is a nice variation on the story of the elves at the North Pole and Santa's sleigh. We would read it as a family at Christmas Eve and I still keep the book on my shelf and pull it out in December to enjoy all over again. Another book that's an absolute must-read for my family every year is Tosca's Christmas by Matthew Sturgis and Anne Mortimer.

Happy Holidays to you!!!

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  1. Awww... *sniff* You gals rock with citing my books!! I'm so honored. Thank you! and love these other choices, too. :-)