Saturday, November 15, 2014

Writing is My Creative Outlet

Sewed the dress & the shawl
Pretty much my entire life, my creative outlet has been making up stories, thinking about them, writing them down....

Music is a foreign language to me - I love to listen to it, but I can't compose or play it. I'm not artistic in any sense - can't draw, can't sculpt, no desire to fling paint at a canvas to create abstracts...

I used to sew all my clothes in college, made dresses and costumes for my
The year of She-Ra
daughters later, sewed doll clothes....that was a major creative outlet for me but at the time I wasn't also trying to write with any regularity - too much else going on!

I enjoy crafts to a limited extent. I'm not too naturally "craft-y" and if I set foot in Michael's my cart somehow immediately fills with a thousand items .....but you don't want me anywhere near glue and tape and glitter, you REALLY don't. There had better be comprehensive instructions in English with lots of drawings.

I used to enjoy matting and framing pictures and posters for people, but my walls are full...

I've been creative at the day job, believe it or not, working on teams, implementing new software and new processes and solving some huge problems...but that's not an outlet. That's just the day job.

Yes, I think I'd better stick to writing LOL!
The way we put it at my house, is that I like to putter with things...bake a yummy chocolate dessert from scratch or make one ornament for the tree, sew a set of appliqued placemats as a gift...but fun as that may be, it's all just time taken away from my writing.

Sooooo, yup, my one creative gift, which I treasure, is being able to create worlds and inhabit them enough to write about them for my Readers.

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