Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weird is a Matter of Perception

When one is already off kilter from the norm, "weird" is a relative term.  Now, do I perchance engage in certain behaviors that might cause strangers to do a double-take or maybe even cross the street to get away from me?

~shifty eyes~

3 Things Most Likely Misunderstood By The Casual Observer:

1) What They See: Twitchy woman wandering the dog park arguing with herself (or the dog).
What I'm Doing: Repeating aloud the epically awesome bit of dialogue that just entered my head. I have to repeat it to remember it. 
Facial expressions and gestures may also be involved.

2) What They See: Pudgy broad having it out with flying pig statues in the middle of downtown.
What I'm Doing: Working out the spacial relations for a fight scene.

3) What They See: Dirty cougar leering at the fitness buffs down on the River Walk.
What I'm Doing: Cataloging preening behaviors and reactions to improve descriptions and add variety in my writing.

I'm sure I have more unnerving habits that may or may not have anything to do with writing, but I'm not going to admit them...yet.

~wanders off to scream 'Personal Space Invader!" at strangers~