Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Trunk is Empty

I have no awful, unfixable novels locked away in trunks or under the bed. What can I say? I mean, sure I have my opus from when I was 7, but fellow Whore Jeffe declared anything written in crayon didn't count (but I did the cover myself too. Whine!). And of course I wrote several entire series while in junior/senior high  but hello, they're as likely to be fixable as my crayon epic. So we won't count them either. Except my hand writing was so lovely then...

I do have three complete novels in first draft form, one of which has even been through a developmental edit. Two are science fiction romances and the other is a paranormal romance. All three will see the light of Amazon's day at some point, maybe next year, depending on when I have time to work on them. But they don't count for this week's topic because there's nothing broken about them - just first draft.

Soooo...either I tap dance here for a few hundred words, or I can give you a real and wonderful tap dancer and his friends to enjoy!

(Can't WAIT to see next week's topic!)

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