Monday, November 17, 2014

Playing it large

This week's topic has nothing to do with writing and everything to do with writing.
"What Would You Do If You Hit The Super Big Money Book."

First? Pay off my bills. I'm rather tired of the illustrious life of always having to play roulette with my bills. Will you win this week? Will you? You won last month, so you have slim odds of progressing.

Next up? I've been trying to get myself moved up to New England for a few years now. That's still in the plans, but I'd move sooner.

I think a very nice dinner for my agent would be in line, so I'd do that, too. The man earns his keep when it comes to me.

A nice sized house, with a really awesome library of books, movies and music.

And a P.O. Box, just in case I feel the need for a little anonymity.

Mostly though, I'd quit the day job or at least cut back my hours, the better to allow me more writing time.

My dreams are not big, but they are mine.

Oh, and travel. Did I mention travel? LOTS of travel. I have been to London. I'd like to have a nice little place over there where I could go and write and relax and see some chums.

I haven't been to most of Europe yet. I'd fix that. And I'd rather like to see China, or at least Hong Kong.

So many destinations, so little time....

I would do what we would all do, on other words. I'd do all the things I've dreamt of doing for as long as I can remember and then I'd find new things to do, as well.

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