Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Writers: Experimenting Past The Point of Crazy

Taking chances. Risks. 

That's the sort of crack on which authors thrive. Square Peg + Round Hole = Magician's Hat. When we're in our creative groove there's nothing holding us back. 

Everyone's heard the term "crap draft," right? The first draft of the story, the one where crazy is a requirement. We experiment with anything and everything. Concepts, characters, conflicts. The weirder the better. Logic gets its day on the second draft, the torturous FIRST EDIT (which might lead to the seventeenth edit, but hey, different topic).

Plotter or pantser, as long as it's fiction being written, both types of writers are experimenting. The death knell for an author is the moment we become formulaic. Readers become disappointed. Sales wane. When we stop experimenting, our stories turn tedious and predictable.

So, dear writers, pull on the white coats and cackle madly.  Leave those straps unbuckled. We've a license for crazy and a permit to experiment endlessly.

Oh, and don't worry, I wasn't going to leave you without a video...

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