Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Grand Exoeriment

We look with wonder and see with new eyes every day...or we hide behind excuses so we don't have to look...or we don't notice it at all, so wrapped up in the trappings of this grand experiment we call life.

The nature of an experiment implies the acceptance of the risk of failure. We are supposed to order to learn and grow. I dare you to welcome it, embrace it with the knowledge that you will get up and try again...and do better. And better. And better until you succeed.

Perhaps I am just sad and sentimental just now. I write this as my aunt is passing from this world into the next, and I wonder if she did all she wanted to do. If she lived happily every day...I hope so. She saw so much change, the world she leaves is nothing like the one she came into so long ago.

Can you imagine? A home without electricity? TV? Phones?

Can you close your eyes and breathe air so fresh--before all these factories, blowing through a southern 'holler' on a hot summer day, across a narrow dirt road and down along a creek full of crawdads?

Imagine you grew up there, and lived to see all these modern marvels. What a fascinating time to live, yes?

For all the lovely recollections, all the pretty thoughts, I am sooo very aware right now is that when its over, its over and all those chances to live, to see, to do and to be are gone.

I write because it's all I want to do. It makes me happy. And I will ever cling to the gift of the story, and wield my words with joy.

Today my friends.... Live. See. Do. Be.

Today. Reach with both hands, or, if you have no hands--bless you--reach with your heart. 

Seize this day. 

Dare to be great today

Partake vigorously in this grand experiment that you might ever have a smile, and while you may know failure, you will not know regrets.

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