Friday, March 21, 2014

Deadlines - the Missed Ones

AUGH!! Deadlines you say? You mean like the deadline for this blog post? The one I almost totally missed? Okay. I did miss it. Entirely.

Because of a whole other set of deadlines. The kind that make you forget your own name, much less what day of the week it is. And oh, by the way, that thing you do every week? Writing a blog post? Pff. Yeah.

These were those kinds of deadlines. I'm sure you know them - "No food after ten PM the night before. No water after six AM. Be here by 9 AM. Surgery starts shortly thereafter."

Had these instructions been for me or for my husband, I'd have been fine. Adults, right? We get why those deadlines and rules are in place. They weren't for either of us. They were for my youngest feline. All she knew was that I starved her all night long and then added insult to injury by loading her into a carrier before I fed the OTHER cats, but not her. Then there was the car. And the accident on the bridge on the way to the vet.

She usually howls at the top of her lungs. Not so this morning. Because of course, she was weak with hunger. I had an hour of pathetic, tiny, guilt-inducing mews. She reserved the big guns for actually walking into the vet clinic. So that I had the wails of my baby girl resounding in my ears as I turned and abandoned her to that horrible (in her opinion) place. Her vet is terrific and gentle and respects his patients.

Now we're keeping busy here at home while we await another deadline - the call saying surgery is over and she's waking up, followed by the call saying we can come get her and bring her home.

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