Monday, March 10, 2014


This word a week thing? Not always easy.

This week? I have to say, I've never much considered the word "Crisp" before. I mean I use it, of course, but there are other words for most of the meanings that I feel work just as well or better.

I like crisp toast. I prefer crisp to soggy. I like crisps, which is the British vernacular for potato chips. I like crisp mornings in the autumn (and always will prefer crisp mornings to soggy ones) and in the spring.

I like my vegetables crisp. I like an occasional apple crisp.

I don't need my hair to be crisp. Tends to get hard to manage at that point.

Remember my deadlines? I do. I have a week to finish editing ALIEN: SEA OF SORROWS.

So that's pretty much going to end my rant on crisp.

Still, it's fun to look at words now and again. I just haven;t much else to say on this one.

Keep smiling,


And because I like to give a picture and because I have already shown the cover for my novel multiple times, I instead offer you this comparison of the life and times of the average Xenomorph.

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