Monday, March 31, 2014

Accelerated Decrepitude

One of my favorite lines from Bladerunner.

Decrepit is how I feel today. Couldn't sleep last night, got up at 3:30 AM for the day job, worked a nine hour shift (a gent failed to show for work or to call) came home passed out, started doing chores and THEN remembered I'm supposed to write a post here today.

I think I'm finally getting this Word Of The Week thing.

Now if I can nail it that well when it comes to the word Millionaire, or the phrase Ladies' Man, then perhaps I will feel less guilty about almost forgetting today.

In the meantime, however, if you haven't run across it, I recently put up a free short story at my Genrefied bloodspot. It's called "SCARS" and pertains directly to my SEVEN FORGES novels. Because I like the cover, I'll even put up the cover for THE BLASTED LANDS at the end of this short message. Also, they man on the cover is King Tuskandru and he's at the center of the story.

With apologies for dropping the ball on this one,


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