Monday, December 9, 2013

five most hated and most loved words

As a rule I don't hate any words. Words are my weapon of choice, and they are the stuff that dreams are are of. How could i possibly hate them, but we'll play along.

back when I was in the fifth grade I had a teacher named Ms. Woods. She was an odd bird at the best of times, but she once told the entire class that her favorite word, simply because of the way it sounded, was "Gar-bahj" which was her pronunciation of "Garbage." That did not go the way she intended. I like the sound of several words, but the sound is not part of my usual criteria.

So here we go. Top Five Most Loved:

Contract. When you get down to it the word has a lot of meanings. Mostly it means I have a new novel or short story contract and I'm gonna get published and make money. but also it is the promise between two individuals or groups. The Devil is known for his contracts. There are a million stories in that word.

Love. Seriously what a horribly abused word. People keep trying to take the power from that word by saying things like "I'd love a double bacon cheeseburger with chili-cheese fries and a double chocolate shake," or "I just LOVE her dress,"but ultimately the power of that word shines through.  Love binds us, makes us stronger, sharpens our skills, makes us great, humbles us, crushes us, steals all hope, forces us to commit heinous acts and heroic deeds. Love punishes the weak and the strong alike, but can reward the foolhardy or those brave enough to take a leap of faith. It's guilty of creating romantic comedies, epic fantasies, tales of revenge, happily ever after and so many other starts and finishes to tales that I can't help but include it here.

Revenge. Just as sincerely powerful as the word Love.

Honor. Has there ever been a deadlier word? Perhaps "Love" is deadlier, but only just barely. Men will kill for love and do so all over again for Honor. It is a principle, it is a guiding force, it is the cause of many ascensions and just as many falls from grace.

Blood. Not because of the gore favor, not really, but because, like love, it has many meanings and connotations. We might kill for blood, meaning family, or for blood meaning that red stuff, especially if you;re talking about vampires. Blood is family, blood is love, blood is hatred distilled into a crimson stain haloed around the victim's body. Blood can sign that contract, be the reason for Love, Revenge or Honor, but anyway you look at it, Blood is a damned significant factor in many, many stories.

Bonus Word: Hope. Well, that word says it all, doesn't it? We are all made stronger by hope. We are all crushed under its amazing weight.

Top Five Most Hated:

Deadline. Enough said.

Debt. As with Love the connotations are nearly endless. I can owe a debt of so many types. I can owe money and that can be the start of things. I can owe a debt of honor and that is fuel for endless troubles. Some debts can never be repaid and some come due far sooner than ever expected.

Hate/Hatred.  Two for the price of one. Not a bad word, not a bad motivation, but in comparison to Love and Honor is seems so very weak, doesn't it?

Fate. It's too damned easy an excuse. If it's fated or destined, you have an easy out and I hate easy outs. I prefer the stories I tell have complications and challenges that can be conquered, even if the attempts fail more than they succeed.

Impossible. Were I to suddenly believe that Impossible was an answer to my problems I would find I have a powerful need to call it a day and surrender. I would rather keep trying until I find a better answer than Impossible.

So that's it. That's my list. Most of them deal with writing. Some of them deal with life or with life and writing alike.

What about you? What are yours? Let us know.

Nice news: Alejandro Colucci, who did the amazing cover for SEVEN FORGES will be back to work on my next novel in the series, THE BLASTED LANDS. I am extremely pleased by that notion. I did not have a chance to meet him at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, England, though we were both there. I did, however, get to meet Les Edwards, who did this gorgeous cover for me.

Other news: I have made the arrangements and will be attending Dragon-Con in Atlanta in 2014. Should you manage to get there, look me up.More Other News: CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD, written with Charles R. Rutledge, is now in print and shipping.

Alex McVey is the guilty party on the artwork for this one and because I do so love the cover, here it is again:

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