Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Halestorm of Words

I saw HALESTORM at the HOUSE OF BLUES in Cleveland last night! (**which is why my post is late...good reason, huh?)


The opening band reminded me of Paramore. The middle act was a solid and tight blue collar rock band with bite. Here's a video for their song BULLET IN MY HAND which rocked. They sound better live than the studio version--that's saying something. Check 'em out.

Alas...I gotta put the rockin aside for a moment and get to the topic.

Five Words I LOVE:

1.) FUCK. * It's a noun. It's a verb. It's an adjective. Fuck wins the multi-tasking trifecta. You can make an entire sentence with this word and it's derivatives. The word 'shit' comes close to having the same power, as does the word 'smurf' but both lack the broad scope of 'fuck.' *Definition is not possible, but inherent understanding is expected.

2.) MAGNILOQUENCE. "Speaking in lofty or grandiose style." (VICIOUS CIRCLE p 129)

3.) MALEFICENT"Doing evil or harm." Not only the name for Disney's best villianess, IMO, it's just cool to say. (muh-leff-uh-sent) It rolls off the tongue like sweet candy...with a poison center.

4.) LEXICON. Nope. It's not a fancy convention for high-end car lovers. "Inventory. The vocabulary of a particular language, field, class, person,etc. A wordbook." It's the inventory of your language. Your personal lexicon includes the words you use to communicate every day, the dialect of your area or family or religion, as well as the jargon unique to your profession. It is you.

5.) ILLUMINATI. "Persons possessing or claiming to possess superior enlightenment." It's just a cool word. Sounds mystical and menacing at once.

Five Words I HATE:

1.) NO. Don't tell me no. Just don't. If I've not gotten it myself and I bothered to ask you, it's important.

2.) DISEASE. (Including DIALYSIS. CANCER. etc.) Too many good people taken by it.

3.) WHITE CHOCOLATE. Just put the damn cocoa in mine or keep it to yourself.

4.) {insert fashionable non-word of the week here}. You know which ones I'm talking about. Yeah. :-/

5.) PUSILLANIMOUS. "Lacking courage or resolution; timid; faint-hearted." (pyoo-suh-lan-i-mus) First, it looks like it's going to mean one thing and then it doesn't. Second, it sounds off-putting to me. Just saying. And I had to fill the list with something.

CHAPTER 6 of Persephone Alcmedi Book 7 is up and ready at:


  1. I love Halestorm. I'm ever so jealous. About the show, not so much the car troubles that followed.

  2. You had car trouble?? So sorry to hear it! They put on a great show; her brother.drummer crazy, killer solo. Her vocal range is so amazing. Their bassist can do the funky riffs, and the other guitarists has got the chops too. Everybody is so talented. I hope they go big big big.

  3. That girl can sing, love Halestorm. And Red Light King, they have a handful of awesome songs. Very good reason to be posting late ;)

    Great words too!