Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Asking Our Readers: Discovery & Release


Congrats to our Monday Whore James, for today his epic fantasy SEVEN FORGES hit the marketplace!

Captain Merros Dulver is the first in many lifetimes to find a path beyond the great mountains known as the Seven Forges and encounter, at last, the half-forgotten race who live there. And it would appear that they were expecting him. As he returns home, bringing an entourage of strangers with him, he starts to wonder whether his discovery has been such a good thing. For the gods of this lost race are the gods of war, and their memories of that far-off cataclysm have not faded.
The people of Fellein have live with legends for many centuries. To their far north, the Blasted Lands, a legacy of an ancient time of cataclysm, are vast, desolate and impassable, but that doesn't stop the occasional expedition into their fringes in search of any trace of the ancients who had once lived there... and oft-rumored riches."
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Now, dear readers, on the topic of new books and release day, my three questions for you are: 
  1. How do you discover a new author? 
  2. How do you like to be notified/reminded of a favorite author's latest release?
  3. If you could give a debut or mid-list author a tip for reaching a reader like you, what would it be? (Go ahead, be crazy and innovative!)




  1. 1- through blogs I follow and recommendations from Twitter friends mostly
    2- newsletter
    3- befriend me on facebook, Twitter or goodreads and not being spammy.

    1. Thanks, Sullivan! It sounds like personal connections are the way to your TBR pile. ~makes notes~

    2. I will confess stalking Laura Bickle to this blog when it just started out and have read books by several of the word whores since

    3. It is hard to resist the lure of the sparky salamander... :D

  2. 1/ For SF and fantasy, it's usually through my husband. He's much more willing to spend $ on a new and untried author if the cover/blurb looks intriguing--even though he has a huge backlog. I then cherry-pick the ones that sound interesting to me, and if I like them will then glom onto their entire back-list. Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, and Robert Jordan were all results of this method.
    2/ publisher blog or social media mentions can make me curious enough to buy (or sometimes borrow book one from the library)
    3/ for romance: RITA award winners, I discovered both Tessa Dare and Thea Harrison this way
    4/ Saw the author talk at a SF convention: For instance I sat at the same banquet table as Carrie Vaughan, Mary Robinette Kowal and Diana Rowlands and now read all of them

    1. Wow! I would have loved to have been sitting next to you at that SF Con. You all must have had quite the UF confab! Diana's "White Trash Zombie" covers are enviable!

      Covers, conversations, ... and an award if we can swing it. Thanks for the tips!

  3. 1. RWA Chapter loop (e-mails), Blogs, Friends, but mostly Conventions (and those free books), especially if the author taught me anything in a workshop panel.

    2. If I subscribed to a newsletter, that way. If I'm friends on Facebook, an occasional mention - in a fun, entertaining way (JR Ward is good at that). Otherwise, if I'm a regular visitor to the blog, just having something on the side bar will remind me.

    3. I wish I knew! :) But I do prefer those authors who like to connect with the reader, not just spew the blurb and bio.

  4. What a great cover!

    New authors...well I get sent a lot of new authors through the blog I review for. Second best place is through Goodreads, love their recommendations (through my Goodreads friends that is) or the groups you can join. Find like minded people and you will find a great source for authors you will love.

    Newest releases, I like the author newsletters and the notification on Goodreads when a book is available. But the best way for books I am looking forward to is a post on the authors blog or Facebook telling me when the magical date will occur.

    Blog tours are a great way to meet bookworms like me. There is a great community out there of bloggers that love to help out authors, and tons of fun followers who love to talk about books.