Monday, September 23, 2013

A simple question?

So it's a bit different this time around.

I'm okay with that. I'll even make this a fairly short post because, you know, writing a novel.

First, of course a quick spamming. SEVEN FORGES finally comes out in the US on Tuesday. You know, tomorrow. Naturally I would love for you to buy a hundred copies for all of you friends and two for yourself, but in this case I'm just pointing out that if you are in the Atlanta area and feel like stopping by, the official release event will be on Wednesday (You know, the day AFTER tomorrow) from 6-7:30 PM at Dr.No's comics in Marietta.

Now that that's out of the way, my question for the readers:

Which part or parts are the most important when it comes to a book for you and why? Characters? Plot? Storytelling? Narrative Voice?

Bonus question: How much detail do you like in descriptions?

There. See? A short post.

Keep smiling,



  1. that is a tough choice because they are all important and it is the right balance between them that makes a great book. Everyone will have a different idea of what the ratios would be... I am going with characters followed by voice or maybe the other way around. I have to like hearing the people in my head and I have to connect and care for the people.

    I don't like to much description. I gloss over descriptions of a characters physical looks. I like to decide for myself. Usually I am way off from the author's description. For years I thought Kisten from Kim Harrison's Hollows series had long dark wavy hair. Turns out he has short blond hair... I was stunned I think metaphors can be used too much, they have their uses, but nobody goes around thinking his eyes are like deep pools of magical sparkling emeralds. You think "Damn! he's got some green eyes".

  2. Plot (the back blurb) is what makes me pick up a book in the store if its a new author. Characters and plot together are what make me keep reading. If I see a new book by an author whose series I love, I will buy it without reading the back cover.

    1. lol, me to! I am a title and cover person.

  3. Short and sweet :)
    Congrats on the release!!!

    I agree with our I Smell Sheep representative, they are all important. I have to have characters that I connect with and make me feel something, love, hate, apathy...something. But your great characters need a well thought out plot, otherwise you sit there waiting for something to happen. *crickets*
    Narrative voice can be a factor, depending on how well it is done. A first person POV can ruin a good plot line if poorly presented.