Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pro-Krantz-tination: What KAK's Really Doing Instead of Writing

Bless me, Would-Be Fans, for I have sinned. It's been three hours since I last looked at my WiP. I've been...
Window Shopping. 

Probably for shoes. Possibly for that next DIY design element in that other room that I'll start just as soon as I finish this ...erm... book.

Chicken. Egg. Egg. Chicken.

I mean how can one resist ogling shoes like this?
(She-Hulk Heels on Etsy: 

Or these? 
(I caved and bought these Wild Diva temptations)

I am weak. I can't ignore daydreaming about custom-printed shades of Collier's Oracle of Delphi. Or maybe Waterhouse's Boreas?

And would it be too ... ya know .. too, erm, odd to have Fuseli's Nightmare screen-printed on an upholstered headboard? Maybe I should go with Ritt's Man in Chains?

Then there's the issue of the bedspread in the guest room. Zebra's overdone, but it does hide the dog hair of assorted beasties when the #weeniece visits, but that doesn't really go with the showtunes theme of the old albums I'm going to get around to framing just as soon as I ...

Finish the book.

Maybe I oughtta go, uhm, write and see if that'll help me Finish. The. Book.


  1. Love the Hulk shoes...makes me think of this stunning pair of high heels with skulls and hot pink detail on them I have been eyeing for a long time. It is hard to tear yourself away from pretty shoes.
    What's that? Oh yeah, go finish the book.


    1. Are they the black ones or the navy blue ones with the skulls? Oh! The red ones, maybe?

      What's that? Go write? Ooooh, all right.

      ~closes browser window~ ~opens WiP~

  2. Ahahaha! The red ones ;)

    Hope your WIP got some serious working on!