Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lucky fare-thee-well

I love the topic for this week: Luck. I was thinking about it the other day, because I often feel lucky in the ways my reading and writing intersect. I feel like so often when I have a problem in a WIP, I’ll be reading just the right book or passage that gives me inspiration on how to solve that problem.

Or is it that any book would inspire a solution? I sometimes wonder, but I like to think it's luck. 

I think so many things I saw as setbacks at the time they occurred have been luck in disguise.

For example, when the third book of the Disillusionists was not optioned by Random House soon after Mind Games came out, I was so bummed, but now I feel like that was lucky, too, because it pushed me to see the variety of options for an author that are open these days, and I went on to publish with Samhain and on my own, and I have loved that. 

The books I’m working on now and launching this spring, the Associates romantic suspense series, are my favorite books ever to write, and if I had been massively successful with Random House in urban fantasy, I would never have felt the inclination to dabble in other genres and try new things. 

My most profound luck has been with people I’ve gotten to know. My reader and blogger and author friends and critique partners are amazing. I feel downright wealthy in terms of friendships and goodwill!!!

I have also been lucky to be able to participate in this blog. I’m stepping out due to increased responsibilities on various life fronts, but it has been so fun to hang with these wonderful authors, and the readers here are the best!

Who will be the new Word Whore? I have no idea, but I have heard rumors about a certain New Whore Widget. What is that? What does it even mean?  Stay tuned! And, I’ll be lurking around here to keep up on my author pals’ shenanigans. 

All my best to everyone here, and thank you for all the fun and thoughtful conversation!




  1. Goodbye CC - we will miss you!! ~pulls pillow over head and sobs~

  2. We've been lucky to have you here at the bordello! Come back often. We might even let you use your old room. ;)

  3. Well, that'll teach me to read posts in reverse order.

    I was so exited to see you here, Carolyn, but I totally understand. I wish all the best in your life ventures. :hugs: You'll still drop a post every once in a while at your own place, though, right? If so, I'll see ya there.

    Good luck! =o)

  4. Jeffe: *Tearful sob*

    KAK: Thanks! Yes, I would love that!!

    B.E.: Hey, it's be great to see you around here! I have really appreciated your comments. And yes, we will definitely see each other around.