Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Collaborative Writing

Recently, I began a new project with a friend. A collaboration. It has been a great experience.

How does one collaborate?

First off, understand this: ego has its place and that place is not at the collaborative table. The two of you writing must understand that you own this work 50/50. You have to recognize the other person's strengths--and half of the book should allow their brilliance to shine through. Your strengths should also be recognized and allowed to shine.

I am frequently told that folks want to hang out with my characters, that they seem so real. My collaborator is well established as an action-plotter, and can juggle the interwoven threads of intrigue. So we knew we weren't going to step on each other's toes. We knew we each brought something to the project that we could be proud of.

We met. There was an idea, a generalized main character and a basic premise. Questions were asked. Notes were taken. Dinner was eaten and, if memory serves, there were yummy adult drinks.

It's kind of like parenting. Sometimes you see your qualities in the kiddo's features, and sometimes you see the other half's DNA. Bottom line is, you both need to be proud of your offspring. Collaborating is supposed to be like that.

WINNER OF TOURNAMENT from last week:

I'm going to aware the book to STEPHANIE SHAW for her entry: This was the night Menessos had been waiting for, because tonight was the night Persephone was going to give herself to him, even if she didn't know it yet.

I only had three entries. All three were awesome. Judging was not easy, but this one wins because of the last bit: "even if she didn't know it yet." That got me. So, congrats STEPHANIE. email me at rockinwriterlinda @ yahoo DOT com and let me know where I can mail it to you. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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