Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Three Reads - Cause I Cheat

My apologies for the dreadfully late post. The holidays are a time when you're exposed to those relatives you only see once a year (for good reason). This year, I was the one who succumbed to the petridish of germs that was the family dinner table. So I'll keep this short.
I don't have 5 books to offer up as my top reads of 2012. I read plenty of books, but looking back through my read pile, I realized it was a year of solidly mediocre reads. EXCEPT - there are all kinds of books I read that I love - I just can't tell you about them. They were beta reads and either aren't published or are published just not available yet. So I can't talk them up.
Of the books I read that are pubbed and available, I have three:
It is exactly what it sounds like. A grossly anthropomorphised collection of poems your cat might have written. I have four cats. On a boat. I thought this was cute. Sue me.
2. This book and the next are really a tie for first place. But numbered lists don't do that. So here we are.
This is one of those books you read and think "Hey, that was a little creepy, but man, it was a good time." You put it down and you walk away. Then tidbits of the story sneak up on you when you aren't looking and lure you back in to the world. That's one of the hallmarks of my favorite books.
I have massive cover art envy over this book. Massive "I wish I could have written something even remotely like this" envy, too. When I read The Hallowed Ones, I can see every detail of Katie's life. The farm and her community are real and I expect to visit Ohio and be able to drive a little off the beaten path and find them. Rogue's Pawn is conjures up a world that's vivid, lush and beautiful. The world of The Hallowed Ones is stark and frightening and yet just as beautiful. This is another one that replays in my head. I won't tell you which bits - that would just ruin the story for you if you haven't read it already.


  1. Aww - thanks Darling! Rogue's Pawn is honored to be up there with "I Could Pee on This." ;-) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. So true about Rogue's Pawn! It was VERY creepy in some part - um, torture chamber? I am still not sure I forgive Jeffe for that...we'll see after the next book.

  3. I so agree on 2 & 3, but have to add that Enemy Within was first on my radar because of its cover I confess and then it turned out to be an amazing story as well. So I think you did very well coverwise and storywise as well!

    Ps: do you have a story in the Mammoth book of SF Romance or is that just me hoping you have a story in there?

    1. I have a silly little alien abduction story in there. :) Not at all related to the Enemy Within Universe - but thank you!

    2. What kind of fan would I be if I only wanted to read stories set in the Enemy Within Universe? *runs off to pre-order*

  4. Heh! I bought that kitty book for the DH for Christmas! :D It's hysterical.

  5. OMG, I can't believe I forgot that Rogue's Pawn published this year. It totally rocked. The years really do blend together after a while. For me, though, it was a good year for books. I just wish I'd had time for Laura's book, too.