Monday, July 9, 2012


Okay, I am pretty damn proud of Deacon Chalk. I like the character, I love the secondary cast, I love the villains. I am writing the books that I would want to read.


There is always a but. lol. Every writer, no matter how much they love their world of fiction, we all have books that we read and go "Damn you (insert jealousy inspiring badass author) I wish I had written that!)

Now there are a ton of great characters out there that I love. Anita Blake, Harry Dresden, John Taylor, Burke, hell even Buffy Summers.

I wish I had come up with Hellboy.

And Jill Kismet.

And Sonja Blue.

But the character I really deep down wish I had invented isn't even a character at all.

He was a real person so totally amazing that he should be fictional.

Nikola Tesla.
 (BTW he is holding a bulb powered by a WIRELESS power grid he read that right...electricity in the air. Take THAT cloud technology, boo-yah.)

Mad genius, eccentric as hell, good looking and yet always without female companionship. He was so insanely brilliant he was conceiving of things that wouldn't come out for almost 100 years.  He was thinking of things that the basic rudimentary technology for didn't even exist. Cell phones? Tesla saw that coming.
Wi-fi? Same thing.  Deathray that could split the earth into four parts? Yep, developed it and destroyed the papers before he died.

He hung out with Mark Twain.

He dug ditches rather than give Edison one ounce of his work.

If you don't know anything about this revolutionary supergenius from the turn of the century then at least go wikipedia him. Better yet, read a book about him and his life. His feud with Edison, his love for a pigeon, and his death in a New York hotel room surrounded by empty Nabisco cans. All his pall bearers were Nobel Prize winners.

I mean really, you can't make this up. I wish I had.


  1. Okay. I give you this one. Tesla was freaky. The pieces I especially love are all the conspiracy theories surrounding what happened to all of his work - all of his papers and research. Apparently, there were tons of material. Remember that end scene from the first Indiana Jones, where the Ark of the Covenant disappears into a massive government warehouse? Oh yes. That's the currently favored story. :) His coolest stuff is still out there - being suppressed.

  2. It's doesn't help that 80 warehouses full of Tesla's stuff was confiscated by the Bureau Of Alien Affairs.

  3. Awesomely enough, the 10th was Tesla day. ;-)