Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jobs I've Worked: Guess the Lie!

No, I've never worked in a bookstore, surprisingly enough. It would have been a natural fit, but somehow the circumstances never aligned to allow it to happen.

I think that's the way most jobs occur, even careers - you fall into the opportunity. Writing is one of the few careers not like that, I think. Maybe because it takes so much persistence and effort, but no one just offers you a job writing novels.

And yes, most of the jobs I've held were offered to me. My favorite way to do things. I've held all sorts of jobs through the years, as most of us have. So I think we should play the Three Truths and a Lie game (only this is 13 truths). Below is a list of all the jobs I've worked. One is not true. A random commenter who guesses correctly which one is a lie gets a copy of Rogue's Pawn (either pdf or epub).

Ooh! My first Rogue's Pawn giveaway!

1. Babysitter
2. Runner for a law firm
3. Unaccompanied Minor Runner for United Airlines
4. Movie theater concessions girl
5. Apple picker
6. Cocktail waitress
7. Restaurant hostess
8. Lake water sampler
9. Lab technician
10. Teacher
11. Editor for a chemical/petroleum group
12. Environmental consultant
13. Newsletter editor
14. Dishwasher

Okay, let's hear those guesses!


  1. I'm horrible at these things, but here goes nuthin'...

    You were never an apple picker.

  2. Hey, at least you took a stab, B.E.! I'm seeing lots of page views, but no comments yet. Cowards. And no, I won't confirm or deny B.E.'s guess.

    1. I guess I just needed to get the ball rolling. ;o)

  3. Ha ha. I'm going to guess Babysitter. >_<

  4. Ooo, way to make this into a game. I'm going to guess ... Dishwasher.

  5. Fine guesses, Allison and KAK! It's amusing to me to hear what jobs you guys think I haven't had, too.

  6. I will guess restaurant hostess :)

  7. That was me above, Jeffe - you'd think I could do this interweb stuff better by now!

  8. lol - no worries, Karen. We've all done that! Your vote is duly noted.

  9. I'm going to guess number 4: the movie theater con thing, because I don't know what kind of job that is.

  10. Sorry, Sullivan! Don't your movie theaters sell stuff like popcorn, candy, soda pop? That's what it is - working that counter.

  11. Ah! Yes, we do have that over here too. Just never came across the word concessions before.
    I'm sticking to my answer though.

  12. It's kind of an older word, I guess. I don't really see it much, except attached to food sales at entertainment, like movies, carnivals, sports events...

  13. I'm guessing dishwasher. You don't seem the type to appreciate dishpan hands;-)

  14. Ha! This is why god invented GLOVES!

  15. Okay!! ~clangs bell~ The winner is....


    She got it on the first comment. I have never been an apple-picker, though I always thought it sounded fun.

    Allison - I made TONS of money babysitting. I was good at it, too!
    KAK and Much Ado - recall I was a lab rat. dishwasher in a lab is a very important job
    Karen - I was a hostess for one summer. I even had to dress in a Southern belle outfit for it!
    Sullivan - concessions! one of the worst jobs I ever had. "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean." Do you know how many ways there are to burn yourself on those hot dog machines and popcorn poppers??? Ack!

  16. Yay! I can't wait to read Rogue's Pawn. Funny that I guessed right. Must've been channeling my inner fruit picker. ;o)

  17. Yay! Send to your gmail addy? And do you prefer pdf or epub?

  18. Oooo, lab dishes. Here I am trying to picture you sweating it out in the back of a cantina covered in wilted lettuce and coagulated sauce.

  19. Yeah - that one might have been a little misleading. Definitely no cantina dishes!