Wednesday, May 9, 2012

zhän-rə, or ˈjän-rə do you say genre?

zahwn-ruh or john-ruh

It doesn't matter, either is accepted. But I prefer the former. To me, it's spiffier.

Merriam Webster says of genre:

"...a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content"

A category huh? Sounds rather pigeonholed. But I don't care. Like my word-whore cohorts, I write what it pleases me to read about, and that just happens to be the category of genre fiction. 

Witches? YES! 

Vampires? YES, YES! 

Werewolves? YESSS! Give me more. 

All that's missing is "sword-wielding barbarian wearing a loincloth."

My interests are exactly mainstream. So following the good advice of "write what you know" (which lets you write confidently) means that what I write isn't necessarily for the masses.But this whole rise of interest in Urban Fantasy and the various tv/film/book/etc media's which have had great success with this kind of novel have opened wide the doors of this genre for the masses.


I've always read as a means of escape. I put myself into the book--yes, yes, the "create your own adventure" books were among my favorites--but I read so I could imagine myself in other worlds. Worlds of kings and queens and swords and magic. 

Worlds with advanced technology and robots and space ships. Or worlds just like my own, but tweaked in some marvelous way that I wish was real.
I write genre because my imagination can soar and the boundaries only exist in how far I dare to push.

to anyone who can identify this particular tome on the left....


  1. Shop Smart! Shop S-Mart! Evil Dead 2? (Yes, I know the shop smart thing is from Army of Darkness, but same/same...)