Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chores are For Bores

by Allison Pang

I have to confess that this is probably a terrible topic for me this week. And oddly apt. Having just turned in my revisions for A Trace of Moonlight (huzzah!) I now get to take a few days to deal with the aftermath of extra dishes in the sink and a cluttered house and...

....yeah, right. I'm not fooling anyone - my house pretty much ALWAYS looks like some sort of bomb went off in it. 

Forget splitting things into men's work or women's work or kid's work - I'm lucky if I manage to make the effort to *do* the laundry, let alone iron it or actually put it away.

And I've tried. I have. 

But it's clearly something hardwired in me to just not care. 

Or really, it's that it's much more interesting to read a book or game or something else. Dust will always be there, right?

I have tried to be better about it when I can, though usually things tend to backburnered until I can't stand it anymore and then we try to do it all at once. (That being said, there are limits to what I can do - I used to like mowing the lawn, for example, but due to back issues, I just can't take that risk anymore.)

The DH and I do trade off things - he's a better at vacuuming, I don't mind scrubbing toilets, so we tend to gravitate to whatever is least egregious to our individual tastes.  But to be honest, as awful as it is to try to tackle it in a big chunk, it works for us as a family, because I honestly do think that when only one person is doing things (usually mom), there can be a great deal of resentment that builds up (*ahem* Unhappy moms make for lousy company).  At least this way everyone suffers equally.

I  manage the dishes and the laundry through the week as I can. Lucy likes to dust. Connor hates it all, but will do things if I tell him. The DH vaccuums. When we actually attempt to do things as a group, it works out better for everyone.  We play music and whistle while we work.

Like a regular Mary Poppins, yo. (I tried to embed the Spoonful of Sugar song, but YouTube has it all shut down, alas.)

This makes a close second, however... (not sure what it is about Disney, singing women, magical animals and cleaning. Just WHAT are they implying??)

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