Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chores and chores and chores

My post is late. Why? Ironically enough...I blame chores. I had to mow the yard yesterday, you see. A chore I normally enjoy, this time it was not so much. Its been rainy here lately. At least it is when I'm available to mow. But the sun shines while I'm punchin ye olde timecard. And that grass just grows and grows and grows. What I'm sayin is THE GRASS WAS ALMOST BALEABLE. My fella called in the midst of the mowin and silly me I took the call. Then the riding mower wouldn't restart. So I got out the push mower and trimmed. (because trimming high grass that way is ever a joy)--sarcasm. Suffice it to say I collapsed onto my bed after running the kiddoes thru a drive thru and I didnt re emerge til this morning. I don't really have anyone to divy the chores with. I give the boys some tasks, but the Arteest isn't experienced enough with mowing to handle the hay-bales we had. So for the most part, all the chores are mine. Sorry this was late y'all!

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