Wednesday, December 7, 2011


by Linda Robertson



Fire. Fire. Fire.

*more pondering*

“Ready the starboard cannons! FIRE!”


My first thought, after actual flames is, unsurprisingly, pirate.

And then, in the same vein, my thoughts leap to things elvish.

Galadhrim, specifically.

And then I leap to the FIREWATER which I used to think was so delicious and now kind of can't even smell it without bad things happening...

Then I just get geeky for a minute and think of a cool word like ignivomous –which means "vomiting fire."

But the cool pic for that led to this which I HAD to share:

Can you say Fax Torris?

**extra brownie point to anyone who gets the reference....**

And I will end this visual extravaganza with my new favorite band, VOLBEAT, and their "FIRESONG"

…but they do not know
That we bring firesongs
To burn their tongues


  1. Fun post - great picture and word association, lol. (I still haven't a clue what I'm going to write on this topic)

  2. That pic you had to share is FABULOUS. I could write a story about that chick.

  3. lol, I totally expected the Cult's "Fire Woman" to be in your post.

    ~wanders off to include "ignivomous" somewhere in my WiP~

  4. The band reminds me of Vulpix, which, amusingly enough, is a fire-type Pokemon:

  5. Thanks y'all!! KAK i ALMOST used fire woman...

  6. Sweet! I get brownies! Start baking witch! :-)