Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fire Within Me

Fire Within Me
by Allison Pang

I had actually intended to write more about hearth-fires and the like, but this is one of my favorite pictures out there, both because it reminds me of one of my characters...and the whole violin fetish I have.

But the picture itself is rather indicative of the whole creation process. I know most of us have been in that place, where an idea or *need* to create something just threatens to consume us until we get it out. And then we type away and the pages just pop out like nothing.

But it seems like such a fine line really - I mean, looking at the picture there - she's playing so hard, her instrument is literally aflame.

Which is both fabulous and awful. On one hand, it's a lovely representation of what it feels like to be driven to create...but on the other hand? What happens when that violin is gone? (Hello, writer burn out?) I think many of us have been there too - sometimes it's probably better to pace yourself. Burning the midnight oil, burning the candle at both ends - so many metaphors warn us of the end result - but there's a difference between rushing to finish something and truly being inspired to do it.

Deadlines not withstanding. *ahem*


  1. Yeah, I totally get why you love this pic. My first thought was of the intense passion she's imbuing to the music, so much so it sets the fiddle aflame.

  2. That IS a fantastic illustration, and the message reminds me of Neil Young lyrics "It's better to burn out, than to fade away - My My, Hey Hey" - Rust Never Sleeps.

    The part that's always frightened me is the third possibility - to Burn Out(but not completely) and then fade away...

    Thanks for this

  3. Beautiful pic and food for thought. I think - better to risk the burn out than be slowly consumed by untold stories.