Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seriously? Perfect.

by KAK  

The Perfect Man...
... Has four feet and a lot of hair.

Wha?  You had to see that one coming.

I'm not the Word Whore to offer advice on lifemates of any human flavor. I am, however, the one to  poke fun at the notion of "The Perfect Man." So, for your Tuesday amusement, I invite you to join in the silly.  

The Perfect Man...
  1. Can be replicated with sugar, flour, and butter
  2. Appears on page 357
  3. Is just now entering the space-time continuum
  4. Upgraded from ink to pixels
  5. Comes in 2oz cans of molding compound and an assortment of colors, some assembly required

Please, go ahead, add to the list of the "Perfect Man." I've a fresh mug of coffee just waiting to be spewed all over my monitor.

Play Doh Photo found here: http://www.tiffanyruda.com/more-fun-with-playdoh


    1. ...called and he wants to borrow your unicorn for his playdate with Santa Claus.

    2. Wasn't it Alanis Morissette who said something about "meeting the perfect man...and then meeting his beautiful wife"? I think that was "Ironic."

    3. I'm so disturbed by the Play-Do man, I can't think of a thing...

    4. is a pig! (Yup, talking about myself ;-)

    5. ~wipes monitor~ Awesome wins for Marin and Sullivan!

      So very right, Laura, it was "Ironic." That line always made me wince with "ow, that's...been witnessed."

      Jeffe, what's wrong with Play-Doh Man? He's malleable, compliments any outfit, and will never fight for the remote. ~evil laugh~

    6. This post also brought this to mind: http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/kitchen/86dd/?srp=13

    7. Bwwahaha! The knife rack! So awesome on so many levels.