Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Perfect Man

By Linda Robertson, sent via my iPhone cuz my internet is down...

The Perfect Man... He exists in Allison Pang's Midnight Man Candy posts. He is gorgeous and my imagination can endow him with every perfect asset. He is my favorite actors in their best roles. He is the hunky cover model every red-blooded girl drools over. He's a rockstar, a highwayman, a ruffian/pirate/nobleman.


In truth and, more importantly, in REALITY, he is more broadly defined.

My idea of handsome may not be akin to yours...but I like:
-darker hair(the longer the better), dark eyes
-a kind, easy smile
-an adveturous, fun-seeking quality
-a sense of humor and the abilty to adore my geekiness
-employed and has goals of his own for the future
-a zest for life, for living it with laughter
-can appreciate how my goofiness and dirty mind meld together

Love is about openness and "as is" acceptance so in real life you can't paint that picture too specifically. You never know who's around the corner about to sweep you off your feet.

*peeks around corner*


  1. Three cheers for dirty goofy!!

  2. Very intrepid, using the iPhone to post! I love that you include "employed."

  3. Kak- tnx
    Jeffe- welcome to my world ;-) hee hee

  4. I am always happy to provide lovely man candy. :D

    Sometimes I feel sorta bad about it...but then I don't.


  5. Ha! That feet sweeping thing? Happens when you're least expecting it and, in fact, usually when you least want it. But it's still has the potential to be so much fun.