Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Myth of the Perfect Man

by Kerry Schafer

Really, I think this picture says it all. I'd like to give credit to whoever it belongs to, but the thing is all over the 'net and I can't trace its origin.

The perfect man is a myth, wandering out there somewhere with Bigfoot. (Actually, I believe it's just possible Bigfoot might be out there. The Perfect Man? No way). If there was such a beast as The Perfect Man, I'm sure I wouldn't want anything to do with him. I'd be intimidated and overwhelmed at first, and then I think I would just get bored. Maybe this is because I am not a perfect woman, and there is no hope of me ever becoming one.

One of the best pieces of relationship advice my mother ever gave me was to find somebody whose faults I could live with. And, by extension, somebody who can live with mine. And I suppose there is a sort of perfection in this - the perfect match.

The Viking and I are opposites on a lot of scales. If we'd gone to something like eHarmony as our online dating site of choice, I'm sure it would never have introduced us to each other. Our interests, our tastes, our ways of looking at the world are wildly different. I like it that way. The things that really matter - our love of the land, our sense of home, our belief that a relationship is a partnership above all else - these things make us perfect for each other. That, and the fact that he loves me as I am and doesn't feel the need to change me.


  1. Perfect is a matter of context. During open-heart surgery roses are useless, but on the first date roses are perfect (if you like them). A Perfect Man isn't perfect for everyone, but he's a perfect fit for the person he's with.

    I think my husband is perfect. He fills in the gaps of my personality and makes me a better person.

    Would he be perfect for someone else? I don't know. Not everyone likes the brown/brown combination with short hair. He doesn't play guitar. For some girls that would be a turn-off. My husband has strong opinions but an easy-going nature, that combination might put some women off. So, no, he probably isn't perfect for everyone. But he doesn't need to be. I have no intention of sharing. :o)

  2. Liana - I think that really is the point. Now - are you going to let him read what you wrote so he can know how much he's beloved?

  3. "If there was such a beast as The Perfect Man, I'm sure I wouldn't want anything to do with him."

    LOL. I totally agree!