Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Man Candy (with photos!)

What is it about a hunky man that inspires women to swoon? to sigh? to go all touchy-feely in a way that throws her down the path of a bad reputation?

I have a top-ten list.

10.) A British accent doesn’t hurt.

 kenneth-b-frankensteinKenneth Branagh; Frankenstein


9.) Strength that is evident even in the absence of color.

Charlie Hunan Charlie Hunan; Sons of Anarchy

8.) Dimples are a definite plus.

 simonSimon Baker; The Mentalist

7.) Looking hot and kick ass in any movie rendition of a comic book super hero costume.

CHris Hemsworth 01 Chris Hemsworth; Thor

6.) Dark hair; brown eyes. Enough said.

hugh-jackman-20061227-191158Hugh Jackman; Van Helsing/X Men/etc.


5.) Any guy who calls himself the Dark Knight….

baleChristian Bale; Terminator/Batman

4. Abs.


4a52279e77b44 Unknown hunky dude

3. Can totally play the part of the alpha.

420936-chris_pine_shirtless_hot_sexy_001_super  Chris Pine; Star Trek

2.) Can speak Elvish (and Spanish, Danish) and writes poetry.

2009-11-09-0aragorn  Viggo Mortensen; Lord of the Rings

1.) Shirtless sword-slinger.

conan-shirtless-2__scaled_600Jason Momoa

What do you think???? Ad to this list in the comments!



  1. Great list! Christian Bale is even hotter when you hear his Welsh accent - especially when he is throwing f bombs around. lol
    My list would also have to include Oded Fehr. yum!

  2. You've already got Hugh Jackman, so I have nothing to add. Except to say thanks for the eye-candy this morning. =o)

  3. Jason Momoa as the new Conan...yeah, I don't think I'll need popcorn, just the butter. ~cough~

  4. Theres something about dimples and an alpha male presence that does it every time! no matter the coloring...yum.

  5. Voodoo Bride wants me to tell you that Tigs from Sons of Anarchy is much hotter in her opinion.

  6. Y'all are great. The hard part was actually narrowing the list. :-D

  7. nice list. Sons of Anarchy? what am I missing?

  8. That Hugh Jackman photo is on my computer--one of my, er, "inspirational" photos for the hero in my upcoming paranormal! LOVE! Here's something else that makes a man hunky and appealing: plays music, especially piano or guitar; wears his jeans down low--uh, even better, fine jeans and bare chest/feet! LOL Great, fun post!

  9. I've had a crush on Vin Diesel for a number of years; yes, the voice plays into it. Also missing: Justin Hartley, currently Oliver Queen on Smallville. Last week he and Clark did sweaty battle in gladiator costumes. The writers have apparently abandoned all attempts to mask the homoeroticism going on there (and thanks, guys).

  10. @Jeffe: You don't know Sons of Anarchy? It's a biker gang soap. very entertaining, especially the first two seasons.

  11. Okay - Mr. Mortenson there - he of the poetry and many languages - especially in that role - yep. My heart thuds.