Thursday, April 21, 2011

These Shoes Are $300 Effing Dollars. Let's Get 'Em!

by Allison Pang

Sadly, I *do* actually own a pair of $300 New Rock boots.  And yes, they are pretty awesome. Bought on a whim for my SteamPunk costume last year. A foolish purchase, perhaps - given that I had to guess the size and they were non-returnable...but it paid off nicely because they fit like a dream and they are strangely comfortable.


Sometimes, I get lucky.

For the most part, though, I tend to confine my shoe whoredom to either sandals (my toes like to breathe, yo) or those of the large and chunky/funky variety. For the most part, I detest wearing pumps of any sort...but I also dislike flats and for some reason I cannot manage flip-flops or sandals where there's something between my toes.


That being said here's a few samples of what I've bought over the last few years:

My latest purchase -->

Funky and not overly practical, but hey, I wore'em to the David Garrett concert, so that counts for something, right? -->

I adore these, but the back hurts for quite a while after I wear them, so they only come out for special occasions -->

Also highly impractical, but I adore them. I also can't wear them much these days. Yes, there is a theme here. :( -->

And it's not like Converse All Stars are all that good for my back either, but dudes! They SPARKLE! -->

Anyway, just a minor sample there. I would probably have more pairs than I do, but these days I try to limit some of the more crazy stuff if I can't wear it on a regular basis. Sometimes. And sometimes? I'm just gonna get what I want.

This is the most classic shoe whore video ever, btw. (Special thanks to Darchala for reminding me. Sorta NSFW)


  1. Ooo, pretty shoes. When I stopped working outside the house, I had to curtail my shoe habit. What's the point of cute shoes, if you never have anywhere to wear them? :heavy sigh: Someday I'll be published and then I'll have to buy cute shoes for public appearances. I can't wait.

  2. Yeah, I still love those ghost-flaming boots. So. Very. Awesome.

    And what's not to love about sparkly Chucks? You do have the glitter basketball, right?


  3. I covet the boots. And the sneakers. But don't tell anyone about the tennies, K? I have an image, you know.

  4. I had *never* seen that video. I think I'll go scrub my brain now...

  5. Awesome boots! And very cool shoes.

    I'm with you on the distaste for having something between my toes. That's about the most uncomfortable thing, ever.

  6. If those boots in the first picture ever come up missing, I wasn't me. LOVE THOSE!

  7. I also love the boots. As for the video - yes. My children brought that to my attention and wandered around quoting bits from it. Thank you *so* much for bringing it back. ; )

  8. Love those boots! I have a thing for boots. Any and all. They're

  9. I'm a fan of the boots and the special occasion shoes. *nods* :)