Friday, April 22, 2011

Smexy Shoe Fail

The number of us who own black, ass-kicking boots is getting a little spooky. Mine are shown to their aged and well-worn advantage by the lovely Hatshepsut. These boots are easily the most current and semi-fashionable shoes I own. They are also very comfy - something I woudn't have expected from a pair of $60 boots from the junior's department of a local store. I will admit to a pair of strappy black sandles very much like the ones Allison posted. I wear them only for formal events because those strappy bits cut the living hell out of my feet.
 Then we come to the sedate, business like pumps. Very comfy shoe. But this nice little pump is an illustration of how hopeless I am as a fashion plate. They're the shoes from my wedding, 18 years ago. That they aren't worn out gives you some notion of the fate of most of my remotely nice shoes. A box. In a closet. For a very long time. It isn't uncommon for me to exclaim, 'Wow, I still own those? Cool!'

The problem isn't that I can't walk in heels. There's a class for that.
My issue is the boat. You see, heels on gel coat means you're going for a swim. Boat people fast learn, too, that dark soled shoes are a very bad thing. You scrub the black marks from your no skid once. Then you pitch every single pair of dark soled shoes you own. Thus, you shall know the boat people by their creped soles, like this little cut leather number, right. Great traction on the boat, leaves no mark, and reasonably cute. But it isn't warm. Thus the other height of boat fashion.

The fur lined, water-proof boot. These are toasty, snuggly warm rubber boots designed to stay on my feet when I'm moving around on deck. Finding a pair of boots that are truly waterproof, that have support, and that don't slop around on your feet is major feat of endurance. The Sneakery in Seattle nailed this, though, when I went in complaining about the need for warm boat boots with actual arch support. These are easily the most expensive shoes I own. They were worth every dime.

For every day wear? Keds. No laces. The ultimate geek/boater/lazy-assed-writer shoe available. What? I want to stick my feet in my shoes and go. Why should I bend over to actually *tie* them? Wear the Keds for a week and the sole bed and canvas conform to your feet. They'll stay on until you yank them off at night. I walk miles in these babies. Yes. I freely admit that being a low maintenance boat babe means I sacrifice a certain something - looking like a responsible adult, maybe?


  1. Fur-lined rubber boots? I have envy and a strong need to acquire so that I may add them to my Bog collection.

  2. I could totally write a scene in which those fur-lined rubber boots are ALL about the smexy!

  3. I love your Keds. Not kidding. Want.

  4. I am loving the leather Mary Janes. Is that embroidery?

  5. I haven't been commenting much cause uh... I have four pairs of shoes to my name. A pair of honest to god Combat boots (Navy certified wear ;D ) which is what I wear the most, a pair of falling apart tennis shoes that I slip off and on, a single pair of sandals (I don't like sandals), and a single pair of black dress shoes...Because I got sick of little kids asking me in public why I wear a pretty dress/skirt and Combat boots.

    I'm jealous of your Keds!

  6. D.F. - read my post tomorrow and you'll feel right at home. Your shoe selection sounds somewhat familiar. : )