Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RT Dispatches from the Field

Tuesday to Wednesday morning. Got my flight out of Saetac. Flew out of the rain into blue skies. Caught a shuttle that they packed full...then took a tour through some parts of downtown LA that isn't likely on the regular sightseeing circuit. Narrow streets, open air, tiny shops, stuffed full of a wide array of goods. Bolts of wildly patterned fabrics, lots of formal, floofy dresses for women and for children. Very colorful and fun. Got to the hotel, checked in, found Jeffers in our room. Got registered for the onference proper, then retreated to the room to assess the swag and finish unpacking. Decided we were hungry. Sussex out the Bonavista Lounge, the rotating bar at the top of the hotel. I crashed early, leaving Jeffers in the company of @branli as she waited for further arrivals. Went upstairs, got ready for bed, and crawled in. Ah. That's when I noticed. The vaulted ceiling directly above my bed in shaped uncomfortably like a coffin. A large, spacious coffin, but a coffin, nevertheless.

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  1. and so it begins...

    Btw, they'll lower the coffin lid only after you fall asleep. Just watch your head when you wake.