Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reconaissance Photos Are In

Jeffe Kennedy reporting in.The finished Word Whores reader "basket." Pretty fab, I'd say!

Arrived safely - though LAX did shuffle us onto buses that disconcertingly drove down an active runway. There were helpful signs, however, that said "Stop for Aircraft." I couldn't decide if I was happy to see the safety-conscious behavior or disconcerted that the warning was needed.

I shared a cab with @andrewtshaffer, arranged on the spot via Twitter. Don't ever tell me it's just about food.

Marcella and I enjoyed a celebratory dinner in the revolving bar/restaurant. Not every day a girl gets to have drinks and seafood with the winner of RT's Best Futuristic Romance and a RITA finalist in both Paranormal and Best First Book.

With an enormous hand.
So tried for a better picture. But she picked up her tea.
Finally she sat patiently and waited for me to take the damn picture already.
But the best part? An actual photo of @Branli, spotted in the wild.


  1. You did a lovely job on the basket! Thanks for all your hard work and lugging of stuff!

    And congrats to the lovely Marcella!

  2. The basket looks fantasic! I hope y'all have a lot of fun :)

  3. What fun! The basket looks fantastic, and so do Marcella and @Branli (what I can see of @Branli, that is).

  4. Cute basket! I would never have thought to use an umbrella as such. Congratulations Marcella!

  5. Oh yay, a bumpershoot! What a great idea for a "traveling-basket."

    I'm surprised Marcella didn't start flicking food at you for not letting her eat. At least you let @Branli get liquored up (if that's water in the glass, don't shatter my dream).

    Thanks for the update.

  6. Thanks all - I was ever so pleased with myself for the umbrella concept. I wanted the "basket" winner to be able to actually *pack* the thing. It's caused quite the sensation and reports are that it's getting lots of attention. The drawing isn't until Friday noon and already our bag of entries is stuffed!

    Linda - @Branli and I totally negotiated for an approved pic!

    And KAK: think mojito

  7. Dang! I look pissed off! Airplane travel. So not for me. Sorry, I don't usually look that sour...I don't think!

  8. She doesn't - but it's still a funny pic!