Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Freaky Pets/Kids

I could blather on about how awesome my kids are. I could tell you how fantastic my dog Bela is. But that would be boring. It would be un-dramatic. And it would not be in keeping with the title/theme of the week. See that word up there, the f word? FREAKY. IMG_0935


Without question, that means Mali.


My dog Mali is a freak. 


Half-shepherd and half-collie, she’s long, lean and furry. She’s beautiful, but she’s a big baby princess. She can’t possibly go outside if it is the least bit rainy—her paws might get wet, but she enjoys romping in the snow.




When she first came to my house, she wouldn’t even crap in the yard. Noooo, she had to be taken for a walk to crap somewhere other than home. My laziness cured that.IMG_0940


She is also dreadfully scared of thunder. She completely freaks out. We’ve learned that she must have access to the basement so she can crawl under a desk and feel safe. How did we learn that? Because she tries to get in the bed if you let her in the bedroom…lets just say that being awakened at 4 in morning by a big dog leaping upon me in fear is definitely on my least-favorite-things list.


Making that storm-intolerant-ness worse, we live near a quarry of some kind and can often hear the train cars clanging together as they fill them…guess what that sounds like? Yep, the baby princess can’t tell the difference. She never looks up and says to her doggie self, “There’s not a cloud in the sky…I don’t smell rain…I don’t feel barometric pressure changes, so that couldn’t be thunder.” She just prances around in the canine version of manical hand-wringing until I open the basement door. When I’ve not been here, I’ve come home to find her in the second best option: the bathtub.



She also counter surfs. Since she’s like 7 feet tall if she rears up she can easily help herself to any food mistakenly forgotten on the counter. And she does if there’s, say…I don’t know…my eggs and bacon left on the counter unattended for twenty seconds.


Sigh. But that’s my Malicious Mali-potamus.



Found this video that seems to rockingly fit the week’s theme, though I don’t know who these guys are—and admittedly, I probably should. I can’t embed it, however, so follow the link to ROCK-N-ROLL DOG.        


  1. All hail the great counter-surfer! Good to know that Mali passed tornado preparedness training, what with the hiding in the basements or the tub. ~cough~

  2. Aww. I feel so bad when a storm comes and freaks out my pets. The dog I grew up with was totally terrified of storms. He'd curl up so close to whoever was around, it was like he was trying to crawl inside you.

  3. LOL, I live near a train transfer and I know exactly what you mean about the carts sounding like thunder. It confused me when I first moved here (still does when it's cloudy).

  4. Zip heads for my shower when it thunders - and cowers there behind the curtain...

  5. Yeah. Ain't dogs fun? Neither of mine really seem to understand fetching the tennis ball or catching a frisbee. Bela's all about chasing squirrels and birds--neither of which she has a chance of catching. It's fun to watch her try.

  6. Hee hee! Good thing cute makes up for a multitude of sins, right? RIGHT?? :D

  7. Our dog used to be scared of lightning storms and fireworks as well. She would always hide in the bathroom as it is the only room without windows.