Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bairy Heast

by KAK
This is my bairy heastie. My constant companion. My breathing blanket. My furry source of endless affection.

My fart detector.

That's right, ladies and gents. Whenever the tropical fruit makes a toot, my brave beastie will bolt to the other end of the house. It's genius, really. He leaves the enemy in convulsions while he takes cover from the personal chorus. Yes, yes he does run faster if the flatulence belongs to him.
"Look, Mommy, a wolf!"

Bwwahaha. If only that child had known that looks are so very... yeah. Sure, he's a handsome boy. Big blue eyes. Cuddly soft fur. Doesn't bark. Charming, no? Not always. Gods forbid that you are in the middle of a people-to-people conversation and he has a stray thought. I said he didn't bark. This boy can sing an aria that'll put Placido on notice. Vociferous? Very much so. Vicious? Not even when threatened.

Not every Husky is Balto
Not every owner is a musher from Snow Dogs or Eight Below

It's hard to believe he went through three homes before he landed with me. First owners? The story of newlyweds, new house, and unexpected illness. Off he went to a asshat handyman, who left him chained to dumpster at a local eatery. After a short stint with Animal Control, he landed with the big-hearted Queen of Tchotchkes. One puppy + a house full of breakables = Come to Ma'ma.

Huskies are a little odd.
(I shall leave kibble offerings to the Earth Goddess -- little crunchy trails throughout the house. Please do not step on them, again.)

Huskies also are:
  1. A family-oriented breed (I will permit each of you to give me your bowls. Now.)
  2. Fun-loving (Let's make snow-angels together. What is "3:00 AM"? Come, you will love the blizzard. Promise.) 
  3. Playful (Lookie, Mommy, I brought you a MOLE! See how well it fits in your shoe?) 
  4. Energetic (Shoulders should dislocate on walks. How else will you see the SQUIRREL?) 
  5. Perpetually affectionate (If I put my chin on "delete" key, you will pet me, yes?).

Huskies are attention mooches for whom there are no ethical boundaries:


  1. Beautiful puppy!! My sister and brother-in-law had one years ago. He was only happy when it snowed...which it rarely ever did here.

    My dog does the same thing when the fart monster comes at her. She takes off like a little four-legged rocket.

  2. Awww...so beautiful! And I'm so thrilled that he has a copy of EMBERS, LOL! He must be a very good dog...the dogs I've had in the past have always been unrepentant chewers. Any one of them would have fled with a paperback snack in their jaws, and I'd be finding bits of book pulp throughout the house for days after. :-)

  3. Obviously a highly intelligent bairy heast - his choice of reading material is impeccable. Gotta love those blue eyes.

  4. Thank you, thank you. He does provide hours of endless entertainment. Strangely enough, he is not chewer or a toy-player. Running is his greatest joy (and my anathema, so you can imagine the fun we've had together).

  5. He's beautiful.
    A collegue of mine had a husky and that dog would totally flip everytime it snowed and would demand a long walk through the snow.

  6. Heh. I second the excellent taste in books. ;-)

    I love the eyes. :D

  7. Oh, he's beautiful! The lab/malamute I had pulled my arms out of their sockets every time we walked, and I loved him... I mean once I got enough feeling back to hug him. :sniff: I miss my dogs.

  8. What a gorgeous dog, something in those blue eyes gives away his ornery nature... :-D

  9. Ah, snow. Yeeeah. Woohoo for spring! OTOH, that means more walks in wild shoulder-pulling environs.

    His eyes, so purty in the daytime, yet they totally glow red when it's dark and there's a flash of light. Spoooky.

  10. I love the expressions working dogs get when you make them pose for a photo. "What am I doing again - just sitting here? That's it? Oooookaaay...."

  11. I'm not much for dogs, but he is gorgeous! And playing so nicely with his Word-Whores books ;-)

  12. Oh, he's gorgeous! What a character. Rescues are the greatest. The Instant they realize they have your unconditional love, they assume they have you wrapped around their fuzzy paws...usually, quite rightly.

  13. He believes that picture-taking is punishment. There is a glob of peanut butter on the corner of the camera that managed to snare his attention for posing with the books without looking like he was getting chastised. Never mind that he frequently sleeps with his chin on my books.

    Sweet lil' rescue. I do have a weakness for them.