Monday, April 18, 2016

Pass the Inspiration, Please.

So the subject of this week's articles is photographs or imagines that inspire.  Neat. I've seen a few in my time. couldn't tell you where or when, but I've seen them.

My mind doesn't work that way. I can remember exactly one time where a news article directly influenced a story I wrote. One late night while watching the 100 PM news, I heard a story about two young boys who climbed over a fence to go swimming without any supervision and then managed to drown in the neighbor's pool. It was a tragedy and a misery and I promptly had an idea explode into my head, gave my wife a goodnight kiss and spent three hours writing the story of paternal twin brothers who were psychically clinched. All would have been well, but one of them was a serial killer in the making and the story was told from the other brother's perspective. I called the story "Burden Of Guilt" and read the rough draft the next day at  convention. It earned me high praise indeed when Jack Ketchum, an author known for the brutality of his stories called me a "sick F*ck." I was honored.

That is as close as I, personally come to being directly influenced by any one source. One single image? Not yet. Not a once.

neat notion, though.

Keep smiling,


Speaking of images, here's the cover to an anthology I've been invited into.

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