Sunday, March 27, 2016

On Funerals and Fairy Tales

I'm up in northern Wyoming for a funeral. Always good to see the Big Horn Mountains again, and to spend time with family. The one good part of sad events like these is that family from long distances come together and stories get told that people haven't heard before. Something about a person's death unlocks old memories, as if their passing has opened a window into all of their life.
Heart's Blood by Jeffe Kennedy
This week in the Bordello we're discussing our favorite fairy tales.

I have to be careful with answering these kinds of questions because the last time I did, my writer brain started spinning on the idea and I ended up writing my own retelling of The Goose Girl, HEART'S BLOOD.

Also, one of my very first fiction releases was PETALS AND THORNS, which is a BDSM version of Beauty and the Beast.

I have a long and passionate relationship with fairy tales, so many of them crowd into my head when I'm asking for my favorite, vying for attention to be the next I obsess over.

The one in my head right now? Rapunzel.

There's something about the princess trapped in a tower, with her hair the avenue of entrance and escape for everyone but here. In fact, the new fantasy I'm writing has a lot of those elements, though it's not a retelling precisely. But there is a princess in a tower, and she's trapped into that life in many ways. Until the arrival of the prince. I think this book will be called LONEN'S WAR. You heard it here first, folks! I haven't talked about it publicly yet, because I tend to be pretty secretive and protective of the newborn books. This one is a whole new world, too, so I've been particularly close-mouthed about it. But she's going off to school now, to be read by my editor and educated in how to be a grown-up book. Stay tuned for more info!

What about you all - what's your favorite fairy tale and why?


  1. I've got a real soft spot for Hansel and Gretel, because it was my only chance to wear lederhosen. Also, I think it's a highly defensible example of justifiable homicide.

  2. Exciting!! And oh yes...Petals & Thorns. :)

    Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite fairy tale. There is so much to it and what the characters go through, no matter the version. But it's the lesson that things are no always what they seem that is so true and I love.

    1. Oh, yes - such a great analysis! Maybe that's why that story lives on. So much about not judging anything by appearance.