Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Title Trouble

When it comes to titles and me, I average 50%.

     Working title vs. release title:

1.) Full Circle  vs. Vicious Circle
2.) Hallowed Circle
3.) Dead Circle vs. Fatal Circle
4.) Arcane Circle
5.) Malefic Circle vs. Wicked Circle
6.) Shattered Circle

The repetitive use of circle is due to the main character being a witch and casting a circle as part of her ritual. It was not my idea or intention to run the titles like that. In the beginning, I didn't think about title cohesiveness at all. My editor gets credit for making that call.

As for my Works in Progress... I feel rather good about all of them.

I think the title should:

A.) Fit the Genre  

Truthfully, don't you think you'd get a good score if you had to sort random slips of paper with Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi, and Thriller titles?

B.) Give a Good Indication of What the Story is About

Make a list of places, names, elements, mood of the story, etc. Something in the list should jump out as a viable piece of your title puzzle. Build from there. Talk to your writing group/beta readers.

For fun:

Try this Romance title generator HERE.

Or this Western title generator HERE.

This one HERE says it'll give you 10 different genres to choose from...


  1. Those title generators are pretty amusing!

  2. I thought so too. Had a few giggles. It's almost like MAD LIBS.